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Jackfruit Care - How To Grow Jackfruit Trees |

Jackfruit is a giant oblong fruit of melon size that is grown in South East Asia's tropical parts. It is now popularly grown in many other areas of the globe, both tropical and subtropical.

The tree of jackfruit is beautiful with large, oval leaves and straight, royal trunks. They grow large, columnar trees up to 70 feet in height in their native tropical habitat. However, true interest comes from their fruit. One of the most beautiful fruits in the world is the jackfruit: a single mature fruit can weigh up to 40 pounds. They have pebbled and rough green skin, shaped like a huge kidney bean, and their flavor is indescribable. They're cold, sweet, mild, and served best.
Jackfruit Care - How To Grow Jackfruit Trees |
Jackfruit Trees
How to Grow Jackfruit

First of all, you have to live in a humid tropical climate that is close to tropical. Growing jackfruit trees are highly susceptible to frost and are unable to withstand drought. They thrive in wealthy, deep and slightly porous soil. Although they can not tolerate moist roots, they enjoy a steady source of moisture and will cease to bear fruit or even die if they remain too moist. Altitudes above sea level of 4,000 feet are harmful, as are regions with elevated or sustained winds. If you think that you fulfill the above criteria, propagation is generally achieved through plants with a brief shelf life of just one month. Germination requires three to eight weeks but can be accelerated for 24 hours by soaking the seeds in water. Once the increasing jackfruit trees obtain four leaves, they can be transplanted although this may be hard due to the extra-long and sensitive taproot.


Growing jackfruit trees generate within three to four years, with productivity decreasing as they age, and can live up to 100 years old. Use nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium to fertilize your increasing jackfruit tree in a proportion of 8:4:2:1 to 30 grams per tree at six months of age and double every six months to two years of age. Growing jackfruit trees should receive 1 kg after the two-year mark. Applied before and at the end of the wet season per tree in the amount of 4:2:4:1. Other jackfruit care dictates that the increasing jackfruit tree is removed from deadwood and thinning. It will also enable harvesting to maintain the jackfruit at about 15 feet elevated. Keep the roots of the tree humid but not humid.


The jack tree begins to flower within three to six years of planting, and within two to three months of blossoming, young and unripe green-skinned fruit is prepared to be picked as a vegetable.

After four-five months of blooming when they exude sweet aroma, mature fruits are prepared to harvest and their skin turns from green to yellowish tinge. It bears fruit in indigenous circumstances throughout the year, but summer is the maximum harvest season.