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Care Of Dewberries | Learn About Dewberry Planting Info

A hybrid type of blackberry, Dewberry (Rubus spp.), nature paths along the floor, making it hard to reach its berries. To maintain them off the floor and make fruit more available, Dewberry fruiting canes are often attached to a wire trellis. Dewberries and other types of blackberry produce fresh, non-fruiting canes called primocanes every year. The primocanes become fruit-bearing floricanes during the following growing season, which carry fruit for one season and have to be removed in order to create space for the fresh floricanes.
Care Of Dewberries | Learn About Dewberry Planting Info
Dewberry plant berries are purple-red, comparable to raspberries, and the seeds are much bigger and harder than blackberry ones. The trailing habit of increasing crops with dewberry reaches a height of about 2 feet or so and is slim.

Planting and Growing

So consider the quantity of room you will need and the prospective invasiveness of the crops when you decide to add dewberry crops. Growing crops of dewberry also propagate from both drop seed and rhizomes – just saying. '

Dewberry crops can be acquired from the local nursery or a wild patch of dewberries as seedlings or cuttings. Prepare the soil that should receive several hours of direct sun each day in the assigned region.

Dig a hole that is sufficiently big for the dewberry planting root ball, at least one foot deep. Put the planting of the dewberry in the hole, cover with dirt and softly pat around the base of the plant. If more than one dewberry plant is being planted, keeping the crops at least 4 feet apart.

The water around the planting until the soil is wet and add a layer of mulch to maintain moisture around the foundation. Set up a trellis or train the planting of the dewberry to grow on a fence or the like, bind the branches with a string piece or twist tie.


Dewberries are a perennial hardy and therefore very little care is required. You can definitely fertilize the plant once it has been developed to guarantee quicker and healthier berries. It takes 4-5 years for dewberries