Thursday, 15 August 2019

Weigela Care: How To Grow Weigela | Tree Homes

This old-fashioned beauty blossoms abundantly throughout the summer in the spring and sporadically. Weigela's maintenance is small. Weigela care, a hard and hardy shrub, includes planting and watering the increasing weigela in the correct region.

While Weigela serves as an old-fashioned type of deciduous shrub, it will surprise you to understand that a lot of hybridization and cultivation has been done to produce countless varieties of this long-time favorite.
Weigela Care: How To Grow Weigela | Tree Homes
How to Plant weigela

It is a significant move to plant your weigela because it determines your shrub's proper growth and flowering. Weigela is resistant to zone 5, so in colder regions, it may need some winter protection. Buy crops from a garden center locally.

Dig a hole 2-5 times as broad at the same depth as the root ball. Break up the soil and blend in the backfill with 15-20 percent compost. If the plant is root bound, cut the roots in several locations or slice the root ball. Set the plant in the hole and cover the root ball with backfill just below the rootball top; prevent soil covering the rootball top or stem. Deepwater, then mulch with loose organic matter to avoid the stem. Continue watering frequently until it has been established.


Weigela can be adapted to most soils, but it grows best in well-drained soils that remain constantly wet. Keep well watered and mulch with chips of wood or mulch of bark to keep wet weeds and soil. Fertilize with a compost layer and organic plant food in spring.

Growing Tips

Maximize pruning advantages by fertilizing weigela each fall. During the winter, fertilizer boosts root development, new spring growth, and summer bud manufacturing. In October, scatter over the shrub's root zone 1 cup-balanced fertilizer, such as 10-10-10. Weak and spindly weigelas can be rejuvenated by using pruning shears or hedge clippers to cut them down to 12 inches high. In spring, they will develop rapidly into a round form and bear abundantly.