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How to Grow Plant of Green Chilli | Tree Homes

Information of Green Chilli 
Green chili is an essential ingredient in Indian and South American diets. Chili is the fruit of Capsicum annuum and C flowering plants. frutescens. Green chili, although included in some medications, is primarily used as a spice in food. It produces a vicious, sharp and pungent oil and can be used as a seasoning as well. The chili can be ground into a powder for comparable reasons as well.
Some of you can't eat food with it, while the other half appreciates almost everything with a little vitamin C. Actually, there's a lot of you who like to munch it raw. We're talking about green chili, a well-known Indian food component that is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, iron, copper, potassium, and a tiny quantity of protein and carbohydrates.
Loaded with capsaicin— a chemical compound that makes chili peppers taste warm, as well as salads and as a side dish in your main meals, you can eat it raw, fried or cooked.
How to Grow Green Chilli Plant
In a multitude of soils, chilies grow. They grow better in wealthy soils and generate more fruit like most crops, but they grow in any fairly fertile soil and need no unique therapy. If you use plenty of mulch and compost in your garden, chilies are just going to grow okay.
Green Chilli Plant
If your soil is poor, your chilies will have to be fertilized. (Start mulching and composting).
When fertilizing chilies, remember that chilies like potassium, like their parents and indeed most fruiting crops. Too much nitrogen will cause many soft leaves to develop and no fruit.
Keeping your chili crops well watered and mulched is essential. Not only does Mulch improve the soil over time, but it also protects it against drying out.
Chilies have such a hard and tough image, people often don't understand how vulnerable they are when it comes to water shortages. Make sure you have plenty of chilies and never dry them out. Do not overwater at the same moment. The soil should be drained free of charge. In swamps, chilies don't grow.
Care Green Chilli Plant
Give plenty of water and light.
They are plants of hot weather, protecting them against low temperatures.
On the exposed ground, the fruit that is subjected to severe sunlight may decolorize. At midnight, you can transfer the pot to another region, or you can bring it near other crops to shade one another.
They're very hardy, but you've got to safeguard them from wind, rain, and hail.
Chilies fruits and flowers quickly. How fast relies on the temperature and the range. Once they achieve complete size, you can harvest the first chillis green. Or wait until they turn red, or whatever color they turn.
Harvesting Green Chilli
You can even keep them on the bush until they shrivel up and dry if you plan to wash them for chili powder or flakes. Cut or pull off the mature fruit while it is still shiny and plump to harvest new chilies.

If you pull it off, pull it up, precisely in the opposite direction. Then at the joint, it should snap off without breaking off the entire branch. If not, just snip them off. 
The fruit will last for up to a week in a covered box in the fridge.
You can dry it in the dryer or dry it in the sun, you can just tie it up and hang it in an airy place to dry it up. Put it in the blender to create cayenne pepper and chili powder.