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Amaryllis Meaning & Symbolism | Treehomes

What is Amaryllis?

The name of the amaryllis is quite confusing. Amaryllis is the common name of Hippeastrum genus flowers. In the early nineteenth century, this genus was segregated from the Amaryllis genus. The Amaryllis genus, though, still exists today. The naked lady is the most prevalent species. Hippeastrum and Amaryllis, though the Hippeastrum has a hollow stem, have similar shapes.

Most individuals associate the bright red amaryllis with the holiday season because during this moment it is often gifted. While the most common colors for this flower are red and white, it is also available in pink, orange, yellow, and violet.

For horseman's star or knight's star, Hippeastrum is Greek because the flowers have a star-like shape. There are about 90 species and over 600 hybrids and cultivars in the genus Hippeastrum. It is indigenous to South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico's tropical areas.

The amaryllis came from the love Amaryllis had for Alteo, according to Greek mythology. A maiden, Amaryllis, falls in love with Alteo, the shepherd. He was powerful and beautiful and passionate about flowers. Amaryllis came to Delphi's Oracle for guidance to learn how to win his love.

On the instructions of Oracle, she stood thirty nights in front of Alteo's house piercing her heart with a golden arrow. A lovely flower grew out of her blood on the thirtieth night and helped her win the love of Alteo.
Amaryllis Meaning & Symbolism | Treehomes
Amaryllis Meaning
Meaning of the Amaryllis flower

Amaryllis can also imply success and is frequently given as hard-won accomplishment gifts. Amaryllis is the name of a Greek woman who implies "to shine."

It is certainly an Amaryllis flower that will draw attention to it. This beautiful flower will be an ideal eye-piece for your home or the bouquet that you have prepared for someone you love. Even in the past, these beautiful flowers were symbols of attention because they merely attracted the eyes of people when they were near.

Amaryllis flowers are just eye-catching and will definitely notice their presence in a bouquet. They are ideal flowers to give to someone inside and outside you discover a lovely individual.

Amaryllis Symbolism

A modified amaryllis shape is used as a sign of the disease of Huntington. The flower shape reflects the head and upper torso, which means how mental and physical functions are affected by Huntington's disease. The increasing flower also reflects hope and celebrates the accomplishments made in the therapy and research for disease in Huntington.

Amaryllis Facts

Amaryllis naked ladies and belladonna lilies are other popular names.
A bulb of amaryllis can live for up to 75 years.
Amaryllises are closely linked to lilies, which explains why many are lily-shaped.
amaryllis species develop flowers up to a diameter of six inches.
The flowers of. Amaryllis may attract carpenter bees. Bees are required for pollination by the flowers.
Amaryllises are often purchased around Christmas as options to the poinsettia.

Amaryllis Uses

Some Hippeastrum species are high in alkaloids, specifically alkaloids of isoquinoline. Alkaloids are organic compounds that have physiological impacts on humans, making them useful for medicinal products. Alkaloids from hippeastrum assistance with depression, seizures, and anxiety.